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Ultrasound scan in Chennai
About Us

Welcome to Samyuktha Healthcare & Diagnostics!

Samyuktha Healthcare & Diagnostics has entered its 11th year, completing 10 years of Excellence in Healthcare. Past 10 years we have undoubtedly proved our self as a significant player in the domain of Healthcare & Diagnostics in Chennai.

First of its kind, we use FIRST Technology, (Foetus Image Rendering Support Terminal) to provide precise reports for Ultrasound scans. With this, our reports will be more accurate which is going to be the base for further management. Our expert team of Radiologists and sonologists constantly get updates about the technological improvements and about the upgradations, so that the best is delivered all the time.

We are well equipped with Fully automatic computerized laboratory, all latest facilities to ensure our Takt time is well within the domain norms. Being “Correct Diagnosis for Cure” is our Mantra and secret for our success, we have multiple Quality assurance systems in Place in laboratory. We are associated with CMC Vellore and AIIMS New Delhi for external Quality assurance programs. Our rigorous internal QC systems are closely monitored to get the best reports for our Patients.

We also have a high frequency digital X Ray and ECG facilities.

We have a unique 4 stage verification process of reports for both Ultrasound and Lab process to ensure the accurate and precise report reaches the patient. We have got ISO 9001:2015 certified for our facilities.

Our Quality and services are rated the best in the industry. We got 4.9/5.0 in Google reviews (with 1.3K reviews), 5.0/5.0 in Justdial reviews (with 3K reviews) and 4.9/5.0 in our own review system (with 19K reviews) by our patients. The patient waiting time is much lesser than our competitors as per Google data.

With all these process controls, initiatives and stringent Quality process, we have bagged “Best Diagnostic and Imaging Centre of the Year (Tamilnadu) – 2018” , “Top 10 Promising Diagnostic centres in Tamilnadu – 2018”, “Best Emerging Diagnostic Centre in Chennai – 2019” , “Quality Icon in Diagnostics – 2020” and “Best Diagnostic Centre of Chennai – 2021” and continuing our Excellence in Healthcare and Diagnostics in years to come.


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Our Facilities

Ultrasound Scans

  • All obstetric scans
  • All Pregnancy scans
  • 4D Scans
  • Obs Doppler
  • Echo-cardiogram
  • Foetal Echo
  • Special studies
  • Small parts
  • Colour doppler studies
  • Mamogram
Ultrasound scan in Chennai
Doppler studies scan in chennai

Doppler Studies

  • Carotid and vertebral Doppler
  • Portal venous Doppler
  • IVC and Hepatic Veins
  • Aorta and Renal Arteries
  • Scrotal Doppler study
  • Obstetrics Doppler
  • Peripheral vascular studies of all limbs

Lab Investication Studies

  • Haematology
  • Bio Chemistry
  • Urine Analysis
  • Motion analysis
  • Electrolytes
  • Lipid Profile
  • Immuno Serology
  • Culture and Drug Sensitivity
  • Fluid Analysis
  • Endocrinology
  • Enzymes Assay
  • Coagulation Assay
  • Fertile profile- Female
  • Fertile profile – Male
  • Acute Hepatitis Profile
  • Skin/ Special Test
  • Lever function test
  • Tumor Markers
  • Special studies
Lab Investigation Studies in chennai
Digital X-Ray All AP/ Lateral in chennai

Digital X- Ray All AP/ Lateral

  • IVP / Barium Swallow/ Special procedures
  • Ankle / Hip / Shoulder/ Fore arm / Wrist
  • Coccyx
  • Nasal bone
  • Heal - Axial/ Lateral
  • TM Joint / Knee
  • Knee / Leg / Shoulder/ Elbow/ Forearm/ Toe
  • Femur/ Mastoid
  • Abdomen / KUB / Spine / Chest / PNS / Skull


  • HSG
  • Sono HSG
  • Papsmear
  • FNAC
Sono HSG in Chennai


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Basic Blood test

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Basic Diabetic

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Kidney Function & ECG

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